The Perfect 4am Song



Morning Commute

My job is 40 minutes away… So I guess I am a commuter…

My efforts in gaining inner peace and wisdom are severely hindered every Monday-Friday because there are many things I encounter on that commute that make me angry.

No I didn’t eat a bean & egg breakfast burrito I’m talking about some good ole petroleum. Gas prices have fallen at a frantic pace but, excuse my lack of gratitude, they’re still too damn expensive. What’s worse is my car has a hwy mpg of like 10 miles… Ok that was an exaggeration but still… It sucks

slow drivers
Its like there’s a conspiracy going on to make me late for work. People driving 55 mph when the speed limit is 70 should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

sucky music/radio choices
This is partly my fault because of my limited music choices and my reluctance to spend any time to put good music on my phone. Sometimes I listen to sports talk radio and after a couple of minutes I grow tired of the constant over analyzations and the Tim Tebow references.

Yesterday I tried something different. I put on 1 of my favorite albums, completely ignored my gas meter, and relaxed the entire way. Yes, there were slow drivers but I didn’t let that bother me. Because of my relaxed commute my whole day went by without a hitch.

I’m not saying that everyday will be great if you have a good morning drive but, having that solid foundation will give you a fighting chance to face the day and leave it unscathed.

So wake up, smile, & enjoy your drive to work… At least you have a job…. (be grateful).