The Rebirth of Journalism


In a post on Medium, professor Clay Shirky says it is last call for printed newspapers.

“My friend +Jay Rosen  writes about the media’s “production of innocence” — when covering a contentious issue, they must signal to the readers “We have no idea who’s right.” Among the small pool of journalists reporting on their own industry, there is a related task, the production of ignorance. When the press writes about the current dislocations, they must insist that no one knows what will happen. This pattern shows up whenever the media covers itself. When the Tribune Company recently got rid of their newspapers, the New York Times ran the story under a headline “The Tribune Company’s publishing unit is being spun off, as the future of print remains unclear.”

newspaper-ad-revenueThe future of print remains what? Try to imagine a world where the future of print is unclear: Maybe 25 year…

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Learning a Language

The English language is probably one of the most difficult. I decided this when I had begun to actively study Spanish again. Spanish seems difficult only because it’s not what I learned first. In actuality, Spanish has so many short cuts and things I can say it’s easy.

It’s overwhelming, but if I want to be the first “black” lady on telemundo I need to be consistent.


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Creative Control

Usually, we all have had raised eyebrows when listening to songs nowadays. We think,” Man they (the artist) could have done SO much better. What’s going on?” It’s the “art” of creative control where and artist no longer gets to express their own talent. The artist becomes a mere facilitator.Can the artist even be called an artist anymore? I believe this is one of the main causes of our tainted youth. I don’t think children could appreciate someone like, the beautiful,Lauryn Hill even with  her music being introduced to them. I don’t know that our youth can overcome. Throw it up to the skies I say.


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When it all falls Down

So I had a few people participate in a poll I made myself. [verbal poll] In it, I asked a simple question: What would you be willing to do for a friend? Let me friend I mean someone you’ve known for a few years (maybe 2 or three); someone who’s done for you, possibly more than you’ve done for them. Seven of ten people said they are mainly here for the betterment of themselves or something along those lines. Taking this poll helped me realize that when it all falls down, all you have are you and God. When in need, never expect the next person to feel the slightest empathy for you. They will not pick you up. they will not assist you, but be sure they will ask you for anything at THEIR convenience.


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Recently, my professor expressed to me that nothing can be something it is not in the same respect. I.e you cannot be tall and short at the same time. You can be tall compared to an ant and short compared to Kobe. He also expressed to me that God is the only one that is allowed to be what He is not. He is superior to us in many ways, but he is also inferior in the respect that Christ died for us. Why you ask? Because God is the highest of all highs. In other words, he is the original gangster, and we are little nothings. Figuratively.