My Top 5 Rap Albums

These are my 5 favorite rap albums… not the 5 greatest rap albums ever (there’s a difference).

5. Pilot Talk 1 (Curren$y)

I honestly made this my number 5 album because Curren$y is my favorite rapper right now, and Pilot Talk is his best album.  I can play the entire album from start to finish with no skips.  The production is high quality and it has guest appearances from Snoop Dogg, Devin the Dude, Jay Electronica, Mos Def, and Big KRIT.  In my opinion Pilot Talk 1 is an instant classic. *sidenote* The song breakfast was inspiration for the name of this site

4. Graduation (Kanye West)

The last time I watched an entire episode of 106 & Park was because of this album… well mostly the hype surrounding it.  I don’t believe Kanye is capable of making bad music and out of all of his albums this 1 is my personal favorite.

3. Tha Carter 2 (lil wayne)

I remember my freshman year in college I rushed through a history (and failed it) mainly so I could purchase this album.  Many of my friends say that carter 1 is better, and it probably is, but every time I listen to this album it takes me back to a time when I had a lot of fun. I’m pretty sure I played this album at least once a day for 6 months straight.  Although I despise almost everything “Weezy” releases now, Tha Carter 2 will always be a classic in my eyes.

2. The Blueprint (Jay-Z)

Not too much to say about this one… It’s a classic…

1. 400 Degreez

This was my 1st favorite rap album.  You never forget your 1st…