Still here…

I’m still here. I haven’t given up on my end of the blog… If you haven’t noticed I do have another writer on this site… She is very talented and she motivates me to step my game up when it comes to subject matter. The quote of the day stuff is kinda weak when I think about it because it was an excuse to post everyday. From now on I’m going. To write about whats on my heart and mind. So if I’m absent for a short time don’t think of it as a submission tithe blogging world but more of a recharging period for me to let everybody know how I really feel… So until next time… Take care…

(when I say take care I am in no way referring to drake’s last album.)

Oh yea. I wrote this on my phone so excuse any grammatical errors on my part and the lack of paragraphs… I don’t feel like scrolling back up…



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