5 of My Favorite iPhone Apps

“I could never get a Samsung… I’m creative… Dude you’re a barista”  (I love that commercial)

Here are 5 iPhone apps that I can’t live without…well actually I could but… whatever.


What is it?

a personalized magazine that takes news stories, blogs, and your own social networks and places them in 1 spot

Why I like it?
I can keep up with current events without having to search all over the net


What is it?

It’s the Holy Bible on your phone  with over 200 different versions and 200 different reading plans.

Why do I like it?
1 of my goals this year is to be more consistent when it comes to reading God’s word and with this app I have been successful so far in reaching that goal.


What is it?

An eReader for your phone… just like a kindle or nook

Why do I like it?
I love to read and sometimes I can’t gain access to a physical copy of a book, but with this app I can purchase a book without having to leave home and it also has free copies of classic books

NBA Game Time
What is it?

Any and everything about the NBA is on this app. You can watch live games, highlights,  and keep up with stats, standings, and team schedules.

Why do I like it?
I’m a Laker fan living in Texas so the only time I see them is on national TV, but with this app I can catch every game

What is it?

An easy way to build your vocabulary.  It gives you 5 or 6 words everyday with the definition and then you can take a quiz over the new words you have learned and the words you have already learned from past lessons.

Why do I like it?

I like to learn and sound intelligent… hahaha




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