Randomness random raaaaandooooom

I’m writing this from my iPhone which is most definitely the coolest phone in the world. I’m also writing this with 1 eye closed. My left eye is pink… Well actually it’s red. Why don’t they call it red eye instead of pink eye? That would make more sense duh…

Anyways I have no reason to write this but since it’s my blog I figure I can write anything I want. See that’s the advantage of having your own blog. It’s your space to say whatever you want to say… It’s mental freedom… Without this freedom I probably would of ripped my eye out f the socket and beat it repeatedly with a hammer….

Lemme shoutout spellcheck before I leave because I definitely didn’t know how to spell repeatedly. Anyways. The lesson you can gain from this post…. Get your own blog and share with the world!!!

God bless!!

Oh yeah please pray for the betterment of my left eye….
Ok I’m done… Bye

My fave animal is a giraffe so since this is my own blog I’m going to take he opportunity to post a pic of a giraffe…



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