98 Years…

On March 16th 2008 at 3:00 am I became a member of the greatest Fraternity in the world. I can honestly say that joining Phi Beta Sigma was a very wise decision.  I can’t imagine my life right now if I wasn’t a Sigma man, but Im sure that my development as a young man wouldn’t be as advanced as it is now.

With Sigma I discovered the true meaning of leadership.  I found confidence in myself that I was previously lacking.  Applying the principles that I learned from Sigma has ensured future success that I am only scratching the surface of right now.

This year I am looking forward to joining a grad chapter and becoming a better frat brother and leader in my community.

To any brother that reads this, I challenge you to become a better Sigma man starting on this wonderful founders day.  Serve your community around you and make things better by being a better leader each and every day.  Remember the Sigma Creed and continue to live by it.  Lets epitomize the meaning of brotherhood whenever we come in contact with another brother. Lets approach every goal and accomplish it with the same force and tenacity that we displayed when we were trying to become Sigma men. Our society is lacking leadership and its our chance to step up and change the world in a positive way.  I don’t think we can do it I KNOW WE CAN. Lets make the 98th year better than the previous 97.


Derek L. Davis S.K.A. Cyclops
4 club Spring 2k8 (Marvel M.A.B.)
“Death Rho” Theta Rho Chapter (Sam Houston State University)




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