Troy Davis…

I never had an opinion about the Troy Davis situation a few months ago.  Well I did but I never shared my opinion with anybody because I wasn’t there when the alleged incident happened.

The 1 thing that I liked about the situation was that so many people came together in a short amount of time to show support.  The passion that my peers had for a man that they had never met was beautiful.  They were fed up with what was going on and they wanted the world to hear them.

The 1 thing that I hated about the situation was that he was a distant memory a week after he was executed…

The legal system in America will always be messed up so there is no need to comment on if he should have been executed or not. I do feel that if he was raised with a better support system and a better education we wouldn’t be talking about him today… well maybe we would but in a better situation like… senator Troy Davis or Troy Davis the neurosurgeon.

My thing is that if we would take all the energy we had in supporting Troy Davis for those couple of weeks and focus it towards educating our youth and our communities there wouldn’t be any Troy Davis cases.   To show support for a somebody you don’t even know is hard.  Imagine the impact you can have on the lives of your sons, daughters, nephews, little cousins, etc if you put forth that same effort in supporting them

This world is too big and beautiful to let our kids (and some adults) think there is nothing going on outside their neighborhoods and small towns.  Give a child hope at an early age and keep them focused and I can almost guarantee success in the future for that child.

Teach a child how to set goals and, most importantly, how to achieve those goals.

Teach a child the difference between entertainment and what’s real.  Don’t blame rappers for the bad things that go on with our kids these days.  A strong-minded child can listen to and appreciate a hardcore rap artist and know that it’s all entertainment and expression.

Don’t tell a child to shut up because you can’t hear the TV… read a book to that child or buy them some watercolors and let them express themselves. Keeping them quiet will do nothing but hinder their development.

Love thy neighbor!  Help them when they are in need. Always remember the golden rule…

Dont blindly throw money into a charity! Get out into the community and spend time improving it.

There is no certain age limit where education stops. Teach what you know… and learn what you don’t know in order to share more with the world.

The whole point of me writing this is that we shouldn’t wait until something bad happens to fight the problem.  We should fight the problem before it ever happens.  The best way to fight is with our minds, not with our thumbs and space for only 140 characters. Educate and enlighten a child’s mind and encourage them to do the same.  The more you educate a child the less likely he or she will be put in a “Troy Davis” situation.  When you see a neighbor who needs help don’t turn your back on them.  Who knows… A small amount of support and education could save their lives.



R.I.P. Troy Davis



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