The 3 Workouts

When you think of the phrase “working out” physical exercise will probably be the first thought that pops into your head.  Staying in shape is good for a lot of reason such as health and self-confidence.  In addition to the physical type of workout there are also 2 other types of workouts that are essential to maintaining a happy and healthy life.







Any type of physical workout is better than no physical workout at all.  It could be simple as walking around your neighborhood or as extreme as waking up at 4am training  for a marathon.  Combine your workout with good eating habits and you will feel a lot better as you get older.


buy a gym membership and create a consistent workout schedule

Find a workout buddy that will push and motivate you.

keep a journal to track your physical progress and to set goals.







Keeping your mind sharp is (in my opinion) more important than being in good physical shape.  One way to remain mentally sharp is to exercise your brain.  George Santayana once said “The  wisest mind has something yet to learn”  Just because you’re no long receiving a letter grade doesn’t mean you have to stop learning.


Read a book… then write a summary about it after you finish.

Learn a new language.

Learn about different cultures

Keep up with current events.







I’m not the type to shove religion down anybody’s throat but I do believe that, no matter what religion you are affiliated with, keeping you faith is vital for a good life.  I have conversations with God everyday.  Some people might call that prayer but I call it a conversation because that gut feeling I get when I am faced with a dilemma is God talking to me.  When something good happens to me I know that it’s a gift from God. When something Bad happens I know that it’s another life lesson from God that is going to make me a better person in the future.  My life is better because I believe in God and I converse with him everyday.


Talk to God at least once a day.  Find a nice quiet spot, close your eyes, and just say what’s on your mind.

Listen to God.  That voice in your head and that gut feeling you get from time to time is God talking to you.


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