When I was a kid I really wanted to be an artist.  That was the 2nd thing that I wanted to be when I grew up. The 1st was a ninja turtle… hahaha. I used to fantisize about having major art shows and people bidding millions of dollars for my paintings.  Unfortunately  my dream of being an artist didn’t last too long because I was lacking in the sketching/painting/sculpting department.  My skill set didn’t leave much hope for improvement in the future so I gave up.  Hell, my stick figures were subpar…  it was sad.  Instead of giving up my dream I should of learned the real definition of an artist.

Today I realize that art isn’t all about paintings, museums and fame.  It’s all about natural expression. Its about taking what you are good at and showcasing it to the world.  Its about not being afraid of what people may think of your talents.  Its about facing obstacles and not giving up… that is art.  Art is beautiful… and like the old saying goes beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Find your talent and put in a serious effort to improve it daily.  Treat your art like it’s your child.  Take care of it, feed it, and watch it grow.

I love writing. To me its the perfect kind of art because it arouses the imagination.  I’m trying to be serious with my writing instead of dabbling like I’ve done before.  I hope that my passion and dedication to improving my writing will make up for the lack of training and education in this particular area.  A friend of mine once said that he would rather struggle with what he loves then be bored with something he has no passion for.  Me personally I am ready to struggle because it is a beautiful struggle.

To anybody reading this I hope that you find your talent and share it with the world. remember to always  measure your success in happiness instead of material things…

God Bless…


One thought on “Art…

  1. This is very inspiring!! Keep up the hard work and you will succeed! You’re a very talented writer and it’s nice to see people living and fulfilling their passion! May God continue to bless you!! Love, your cousin, Janel.

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